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CROSS-BORDER ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL EXCHANGES - KOSOVO  - These multi-country exchanges included English language students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo and supported by US embassies and the US State Department Regional English Language Office in Budapest.

In May of 2015 five students from the University of Belgrade, Serbia traveled to Kosovo for an exchange program with twenty students from the University of Pristina, Kosovo. The program was an exchange for writers to share their work and learn about each other’s culture. 

Living segregated from each other they learned about the history of both the Albanian and the Serbian communities in Kosovo with a tour of Pristina, a traditional ethnic Albianian village, and the Gračanica Monastery- an important site to Serbian Orthodoxy.  Later, students participated in a joint reading of their writing at Kosovo’s ESL teacher conference.  

That night they came together for a 'Writers Dinner' to celebrate their accomplishments and participate in 'flash-writing' activities. This highly successful exchange shows the importance of bringing young people together  from across the region to begin a new, positive conversation for a new generation.


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