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BEFORE I DIE - BELGRADE - A Balkan Writers Project initiative in partnership with the 'Before I Die' global arts project, the US Embassy in Belgrade, and the US State Department English Language Programs

'In the spring of 2016 the Balkan Writers Project launched 'Before I Die - Belgrade', a city-wide literary arts initiative inspired by the global 'Before I Die' global arts phenomenon.  This large-scale community EFL project took the original premise a step further by turning it into an EFL creative writing project where participants submitted short texts describing their hope, dream, or aspiration to be published in a collection.  

Prior to the public event the Balkan Writers Project team hit the streets of Belgrade to ask people to share their dreams.

At the public event writers read their texts and afterward audience members contributed their own dreams on Before I Die walls at the placed around the event.  The public response was overwhelming with over 300 over submissions from writers of all ages throughout the Balkan region and beyond to Italy, UK, and even North America and Russia.

Following the public reading members of the audience were invited to write their hopes on walls around the venue and take free Before I Die - Belgrade catalogs.


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