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SPEAKER - I help people communicate across cultures as a keynote speaker for US State Department programs, US Agency for International Development, international conferences, top-ranking regional universities, and NGOs throughout Central and Eastern Europe.  Each talk addresses challenges and inspires solutions concerning education in a globalized world.

As a speaker and trainer I've opened conferences with plenary presentations, led intensive sessions, and coordinated workshops on the international level.  I've worked with national EFL organizations, ministries of education, and hundreds of teachers in post-communist countries to promote student-centered learning, CLIL, integrate mobile devices in classrooms, and develop a global perspective through English.   

Working closely with US State Department programs, international NGOs, and universities I've developed signature training sessions on media literacy, pubic speaking, speech writing, and presentation skills for professionals and academics.  Participants in these programs come from multiple linguistic, cultural, political, and religious backgrounds in countries throughout the Balkans and post-Soviet states.


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