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MEDIA LITERACY M.O.O.C. TRAINING  - This project was a multi-country media literacy initiative developed in partnership the US Embassies in Ukraine and Moldova and the US State Department Regional English Language Office in Kiev.

In February-March 2017 I was recruited to co-develop a media literacy training program sponsored by the US State Department Regional English Language Office and the Public Affairs Sections at embassies in Ukraine and Moldova.  The goal of this program was to provide comprehensive training to spot propaganda, spin, and fake news to facilitators who would run massive open online courses (MOOCS) at educational centers and cultural venues throughout Eastern Europe.

These tech-enabled sessions merged theory and interactive practice in the context of current media events over the course of two days.  The first training session was held in Kiev, Ukraine with the second in Chisinau, Moldova with approximately 50 participants located across the region.

MOOC facilitator training session in Kiev, Ukraine. 

MOOC facilitator training session in Chisinau, Moldova. 


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