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BELGRADE POETOGRAPHY - A Balkan Writers Project initiative in partnership with the US Embassy in Belgrade and the US State Department English Language Programs

Belgrade Poetography was a Balkan Writers Project artistic initiative supported by the US Embassy in Belgrade and funded by the US State Department English Language Programs.   Launched in November 2015 is was Belgrade's first city-wide poetography event that brought together over 200 poets and photographers from across the Balkans.

Poetography is a modern visual-literary art form that merges poetry and photography to further enhance the artistic impact of both arts.  Run through social media campaigns and online platforms, this project brought local photographers and writers together to collaboratively tell stories of this amazing city with words and images. 

After a successful social media campaign which received more than 400 photographs and poems the Balkan Writers Project editing team chose the finalist whose work was collected and published with copies freely given to the community.      

Belgrade Poetography brought together not only native Belgradians, but also people from other countries across the region. Locals, Serbs, emigres, and expats all devoting their boundless creativity to two fundamental things they have in common: the English language and the city of Belgrade.


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